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Our Motto
Our motto is "Helping You Mind Your Own Business."
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Our Mission
Our mission is to provide small companies, churches, and individual entrepreneurs with
professional marketing and business publications at low cost.
What We Do
We format and combine text, data, photos, charts, and other graphic art types into
professional publications that you can use to market your business, organize your office,
or run your company more efficiently.   

We give the extra punch that a professional manager needs to promote and grow his or
her company on an on-going business adventure, or, for a not-so-
long adventure, to complete a one-time effort
to test the waters.
ABOUT The Desktop Publishers

Who We Are
Our roots run deep in the desktop publishing profession.  Our founder, Robert F. Poe,
practiced it early as a well loved hobby.  He found it as a way to relax and unwind, yet be

On August 1, 2001,one month before 9-11 occurred,  Robert lost a long standing career
as countless others did likewise.  Being unemployed during a time of 'no hiring'  gave him the opportunity to expand his knowledge base and develop and hone his skills in desktop publishing.  

Then, on September 12, 2005, Robert founded The Desktop Publishers as a self
proprietorship and opened for business to serve graphic arts and short-run printing needs
in Tarrant County Texas.  The company wanted to make well designed marketing
materials available for churches that otherwise couldn't afford high-end printing costs.
Later, the company also offered help to entrepreneurs and smaller businesses that were struggling because of the down-turn in the economy at the time.

The Desktiop Publishers continues to design and print your small business marketing publications at low cost to you. If you need good quality publications, professionally designed and priced inexpensively, then give us a call at 817-861-0985.

We offer you design and print services
You find a need for a marketing publication
You contact The Desktop Publishers
Your inquiry is answered promptly
We give you a written Estimate
You place an order
We assign you an Account Number
We issue a Project (Order) Number
You make payment arrangements
We start to work on your project
You can monitor its progress
We give you an invoice at completion
We release the finished project to you
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About The Desktop Publishers
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"Designed to Print
for Small Companies, Churches,
and Individual Entrepreneurs"