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The desktop publishing business has been around for more than twenty-five years.  The
founder of Aldus Corporation, Paul Brainerd, developed some software that created page
layouts that could be printed for publication faster, easier and more affordable than the
expensive commercial method of publishing.  His process was so much faster and
affordable that he wanted to tie some catchy word to it to differentiate it from the
commercial method.  Around 1985 the catchword
desktop publishing was applied and
those who performed the process were called
desktop publishers.
Business Sense: What should your design look like?

Can't decide on your final design scheme?  Space prevents us from describing all of the methods you could use, but the following two methods
are a couple of the best and are a lot of fun.

Go With Your Intrinsic Feelings

Draw from your experience and build your idea from your own knowledge base and your familiarity with other things that you like and dislike.

Don’t be afraid to go with your inner feelings.  You may not know exactly what your design should look like, but deep inside you will know it when
you see it—go for it

Do Some Brainstorming

Brainstorming is taking time out and clearing your mind of everything else except what you want to achieve.  It can be a lot of fun and can be done
solo or in groups. When you perform Solo Brainstorming, you allot ten minutes span of time and pick a place where you will not be interrupted.  
With a couple of pencils and a writing pad, start listing your thoughts about your subject.  It makes no difference how serious or how funny the
thought might be; jot ‘em all down.

Don’t stop to dwell on any one thought.  You want to list all the ideas you can summons in the allotted time.  After the brainstorming, you can
expand and develop your ideas.
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