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The following policies are to establish working conditions between you (the Client) and
The Desktop Publishers (the
Company).  They are not written to protect just the
Company, but to protect the Client and the Company.  They are to inform us and remind us
as to how we agreed to do business with each other.

Thank you for showing an interest in doing business with The Desktop Publishers.
POLICIES of The Desktop Publishers
Because of our low pricing structure an initial, nonrefundable deposit of 50% of the
estimated total is required before work can begin.  Any differences in estimate and final
requirements will be made to the final invoice.  Completed work cannot leave the office
until full payment is made.  The
Client agrees that he is responsible for full payment of
total charges for work agreed to even in the event the
Client determines that he no longer
needs the work and does not return to pick up the completed project.
A free estimation of a project's costs will be provided upon request.  Any changes made
by the
Client may change the estimate.  Any significant differences between estimated
total and actual requirements will be discussed with the
Client prior to completion of the
project.  Actual project requirements will be invoiced at the completion of a project.
The Company guarantees that its services be rendered in a professional manner and
that its products are crafted with fine quality materials.  If for any reason within thirty days,
Client determines that a product or service is unsuitable because of material or
workmanship, a full refund of any payments will be promptly made when all art work and
designs are returned.
In the event that a Client desires a product or service that the Company cannot perform
because of lack of special equipment, material, or expertise, we may with the consent of
Client, retain those products or services from a third party company with whom we
network.  If networking services are retained, the price for that project will be the third
party's price plus 15% for liaison fees.  Many times our networking companies extend a
discount to us for bringing extra business to them, so the
Client pays about the same in
either case.
To help our Clients afford professional published materials, the Company will structure
its pricing at the lowest possible levels.  The
Company will maintain this policy for its
Clients as long as it is able to make a modest profit.

Usually, desktop publishing materials can be more expensive, running up product costs
at higher prices than a commercial printer.  The Desktop Publishers offset these costs by
controling labor, reducing overhead, avoiding large indebtedness, and maintaining small
inventory levels.  
Any information the Client provides the Company, the Company will regard it strictly
confidential.  It is the
Company's policy not to sell, rent, distribute, or in any other way
make available the
Client's name, email address, or any other personal information to
any third party.  The
Client's information will only be used to contact the Client by The
Desktop Publishers
to notify him or her of special promotions, product discounts, and
work requirements.
Final proofreading is the responsibility of the Client.  The Desktop Publishers proofreads
its work and advises its
Clients of any discrepancies, but the Client takes full
responsibility for final project approval.  
The Desktop Publishers does offer proofreading
of longer documents as a service for a small fee.  If this service is obtained, then the
Company will take responsibility for the final project.
The Desktop Publishes reserves the right to refuse any project and determines what is
wholesome and proper to publish.  The
Company will not print any images or
publications that are indecent, immoral, or unlawful such as articles that promote sexually
explicit material or violence, or such that promote discrimination based on race, sex,
religion, national origin, or physical disability.
To help our Clients retain professional printed materials and receive great value for their
money, the
Company will extend price breaks on quantities ordered.  The Company   will
also routinely offer special promotions and discounts on selected products and services.
The Desktop Publishers pledges to craft every project with fine quality materials and
render its services with professionalism.   Once a project is agreed upon, the
will not substitute a lesser value material without a price adjustment and consent of the
Client.  However, the Company may substitute a higher quality material at no extra charge
to the
Logo of The Desktop Publishers
Four Years In The Making...

It's not uncommon for a large corporation to
spend six months to over a year developing its
Website with a design team of five or more

According to the time and manpower (or
woman power) involved, The Desktop
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a team of one.

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