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SERVICES by The Desktop Publishers
If you need help with any of your business publications, please give us a call, however
involved or simple the task might  be.  You will find our marketing and promotional
products and services can help you run every aspect of your business more effectively and

You can choose low rates by the project, by the item, or by the hour.  Hourly rates for our
services are broken down and priced appropriately for three categories: Standard,
Technical, and Professional.
Consulting  Work out the kinks in a stalled business and help it grow.
Designing  Master your imagination and create sparkle in your impression.
Hosting  Put your presence on the World Wide Web.
Printing  Help your important documents look important, and organized.
Processing   Avoid unnecessary stress and save money and time to boot.
Writing Improve your written communications and increase your client base.
Our services are rendered with professionalism.
What's so important about our
services?  We prepare your
publications so they:

Look attractive
Attract attention to themselves
Differentiate your message
Organize your content
Emphasize your points
Focus on benefits
Makes your message easy to read
Saves you time and money
Gets your recipient to make a decision
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Services of The Desktop Publishers
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